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Scenar Healing

Scenar Bio-Electrical Healing

What is SCENAR?

SCENAR (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a Russian medical technology that delivers non-invasive, non-toxic, computer modulated, therapeutic electro-stimulation, onto and through the skin in order to prompt the body's own healing mechanisms.

The SCENAR (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a hand-held, therapeutic medical device with licensed use to alleviate pain and facilitate functional restoration and improvement.

Originally developed for the Russian space program, SCENAR is a world first in electrotherapeutic real time biofeedback. SCENAR was developed for the Russian space programme to overcome the unique problems of space travel by doctors and scientists in the late 1970s. Today SCENAR is a mainstream medical modality in Russia and there it has very many applications.

Russian clinical experience over the last 25 years and anecdotal experience of therapists around the world suggests positive results in the treatment of a variety of conditions.

What Can SCENAR Treat?

SCENAR is an electro-bio-controlled device ideal for pain management in various functional and pathological processes.

SCENAR does not treat a particular disease or condition, it stimulates the body’s own healing resources.

SCENAR therapy can be used as a complementary or mono therapy of the:

  1. nervous system (various backbone diseases with secondary disorders of nervous activity, with static and dynamic disorders, backbone deformation; radiculitis, neuritis, disorders of blood  cerebral circulation and their consequences, diseases of vegetative nervous system, etc.);
  2. osteomuscular system (myositis, arthritis, arthrosis, soft tissue bruises, fractures);
  3. respiratory system (tracheitis, bronchitis, acute respiratory diseases (ARD), acute respiratory virus diseases (ARVD), pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchial asthma);
  4. cardiovascular system (ischemia (coronary heart disease CHD), hypertensia, hypotonia, various forms of arrhythmia), disorders of extremities vessels (endarteritis, varicose veins, microcirculation disorders, trophic ulcers);
  5. digestive system (gastritis, enteritis, colitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis);
  6. urogenital system (pyelonephritis, cystitis, menstrual cycle disorders, inflammation of ovaries, sterility, gestational toxicosis);
  7. dental diseases (parodontosis, periodontitis, pain relief).

Typical SCENAR Treatment Session

The SCENAR device is a small hand held unit and the therapist will apply it on to your skin until you feel a tingling sensation. It will be slightly uncomfortable but not painful.

The treatment will last for approximately one hour for most people. For acute injuries the treatment time is usually about 30 minutes. The therapist will “brush” the device over your skin during your treatment. You will be encouraged to tell your therapist of any changes you feel or sensations you experience.

The aim is to achieve a CHANGE in your condition during the treatment. In some cases you will feel worse after the treatment.

Please do not be alarmed – it is good sign! It indicates that your body is responding quickly and a change is occurring. This is what we are looking for after your first consultation.

You will be asked to keep note of any changes you experience after your initial treatment; good or bad. Bring these notes (mental or written) to your next treatment and tell your therapist. It will help target your treatments.

In most cases you will require a minimum of 3 treatments (some acute conditions may resolve sooner).

Your therapist may also recommend the use of a Energy Blanket to use between your clinic visits.

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